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Main GT Road, Wazirabad, Pakistan.


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Mall-One Wazirabad

About us

Wazirabad is a big industrial city in Pakistan, known for making top-notch cutlery. Mall One wants to change Wazirabad positively by creating a new part of the city by being the first-ever Driveway shopping destination. The project, covering about 30 kanals, is all about making life easier for the people living in Wazirabad.

Mall One is turning a big dream for Wazirabad into reality with this project. It's not just about building something new; it's about making Wazirabad an even better place to live.

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Crafting a Better Tomorrow

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the landscape of less developed cities in Punjab by constructing infrastructure that would modernize and improve the lifestyle of the people. Once the mall in Wazirabad is fully equipped and ready, then the focus would shift towards other less developed cities in Punjab.

Transforming Lives, One City at a Time.

Our Vision​

Our vision is to modernize less developed cities of Punjab by providing them with state of the art infrastructure and shopping mall facilities for the people of less developed areas. Our aim is to provide the latest technology to improve the lifestyle of people inhabiting less developed cities of Punjab’s.

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At Mall One Wazirabad, we believe in making your dreams of ownership accessible and achievable. Our payment plan is designed to offer flexibility and convenience, ensuring that you can secure your space in this vibrant shopping destination with ease